Beast 14 ft Trampoline (WHITE) with Premium Enclosure | NO WEIGHT LIMIT

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The Beast 14 ft Round Trampoline provides hours of big jumps and tricks for all ages and sizes. Beast Trampolines have NO WEIGHT LIMIT and are meant for the whole family! Due to the strong extra thick frame our trampolines are the toughest out there. This is where our name Beast comes from. Strong and tough, possessing a particular quality. We also believe in American Culture, that the Amazon A to Z guarantee is very important to consumers and we hold the same guarantee. Love it or your Money Back!!

Beast Trampolines also look great in the yard with their sleek design and color. Friends and neighbors will definitely point it out. All the features and specifications can be found below. 


  • 14 ft Round, Strong Frame fully galvanized inside and out (NO WEIGHT LIMIT)
  • Strong Beast T-Sockets for easy assembly of frame and enclosure poles
  • 96 Beast 7.5 inch Black Piano Wire Springs
  • Extra thick and strong safety pad (modern white color) with easy assembly bungee cords (pre-assembled)
  • Extra strong Beast Premium Enclosure with Safe Overlapping door (No zipper to break, No zipper to forget open)
  • Strong top rim with easy assembly and large design caps (no screws)
  • Extra wide hem for best yard look
  • Free Beast Ladder in the package
  • Exceeds all ASTM safety requirements



  • 48 x 2 mm 
  • 14 ft. diameter
  • Black Powder Coated Fully Galvanized Inside and Out
  • 4 Extra Strong Legs with T-Sockets (no welds will break)
  • Beast T-Sockets for Easy Assembly of Frame and Enclosure Poles and Stronger Engineering


  • 96 Beast 7.5 inch Black Piano Wire Springs


  • Super quality Jumping Mat with large Beast Logo in the middle (made in the USA)

Beast Premium Enclosure

  • Top quality Safety Net with the Beast Safe entrance door. (No zipper to break, no zipper to forget open)
  • Extra large hem for nice design
  • Beast design logo on top of Enclosure
  • Extra thick enclosure poles with thick foam and tough sleeves
  • Extra strong top rim with large top caps (Won't break )

Beast Ladder (Free)

  • Beast Trampolines come with a 2-step ladder in the package, makes it really nice for entering and exiting the Trampoline.

Safety Pad

  • Extra thick vinyl (Won't rip)
  • Beast modern white color
  • Extra Long Over Hang
  • Easy assembly bungee cords underneath

Customer Reviews

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Safe and Sturdy

Our family is very pleased with our Beast Trampoline and their customer service! The trampoline is undoubtedly superior to other brands. We LOVE how sturdy the trampoline is, but its safety features are what was truly important to us. The enclosure and safety pad are top quality. We've only had our trampoline for a couple of days now, and despite it being cold out, the kids have been happy to go outside and get exercise. My family and I look forward to enjoying our trampoline for many years to come.

Jennifer Bannon
BEAST 14 ft round

We LOVE the BEAST! Easily assembled in about 2 1/2 hours with 4 teens. The bounce is great! We are extremely happy!