Beast Inc. U.S. Defective and Warranty Policy

We take pride in our products and 100% stand behind the quality of everything we manufacture and hope you are happy with your Beast Trampoline. Beast Trampolines are warrantied to the original owner against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship.  If you’ve purchased a Beast Trampoline and you believe it’s flawed or defective, you can return the product for an exchange or full refund.

Please email us at hello@beasttrampoline.com for any warranty claims or call us at (800) 487-0115.

After the date of the purchase invoice, Beast Trampolines are warranted as follows:

  • 5-year warranty on the trampoline metal frame
  • 1-year warranty on the jumping mat, safety pad, springs, and enclosure frame poles, 
  • 1-year warranty on the enclosure net and accessories

 The warranty applies only to the material and construction defects with respect to this product or its components. 

The warranty becomes defunct if:

• This product is used incorrectly and/or carelessly and is used in such a way that it does not comply with its purpose.

• This product is not assembled and maintained according to the instruction booklet.

• Technical repairs to this product are not carried out professionally.

• Parts, which are mounted afterwards, do not comply with the technical specifications of the product concerned or are mounted incorrectly.

• Defects are a result of climatic influences such as corrosion, UV rays or normal disintegration.

• The product is rented out or was made available to various unspecified persons in any other manner.

Beast Inc. will repair or replace according to its choice all material and construction defects that have been ascertained by Beast Inc. during the warranty period.

In case of material and construction defects that have been ascertained by Beast Inc., the product or its components will be repaired or replaced – according to its choice – free of charge during the warranty period mentioned above.

If the claim for warranty is not justifiable, all the costs are at the expense of the owner.

This warranty cannot be transferred to third parties.

The Trampoline is designed for personal use. It is not permitted to rent out or place the Trampoline in public areas like schools or day-care centers. The guarantee and any other liabilities shall expire if the Trampoline is rented out or used in public areas.

No Weight Limit. 

Beast Trampolines are marketed with no overall weight limit. This applies to the number of people on the trampoline combined. The whole family can enjoy the trampoline together however we must warn about potential injuries if multiple people enjoy the trampoline at the same time. Our trampoline frame and springs are desigend to hold much weight. However we do have a Single User Jumping Weight Limit. This is to protect a jumper from hitting the ground. Our Single User Jumping Weight Limit is currently 250 lbs.