Beast AirTracks | 4 inches thick | many lengths

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A must have for perfecting walk overs, handsprings, back tucks, round offs, lays, halfs, fulls, multiples and much more. The Beast Performance Air Tracks are guaranteed top level performance Air Tracks. These Air Tracks gurantee a ton of fun by yourself or with a bunch of friends. These sizes are also very suitable for indoor training parks and gyms. Train Safe with some shorter and massive Beast Air Tracks. The Beast Performance series Air Tracks are built with some serious craftsmanship with much attention to the seams and valves. We guarantee this Beast is made for the beginner to advance tumbler, it is 8 inches thick, nearly 7 ft wide that provides extra bounce, and the width provides the perfect track for mastering all your tricks. This mat is versatile for outdoor or indoor applications.


The Beast Air Tracks Include: Electric Pump, Storage Bag, User Manual, Repair Patches