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Beast 15 ft Trampoline (BLUE) with Premium Enclosure | NO WEIGHT LIMIT | FREE Ladder

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The Beast 15 ft Round Trampoline provides hours of big jumps and tricks for all ages and sizes. Beast Trampolines have NO WEIGHT LIMIT and are meant for the whole family! Due to the strong extra thick frame our trampolines are the toughest out there. This is where our name Beast comes from. Strong and tough, possessing a particular quality. We also believe in American Culture, that the Amazon A to Z guarantee is very important to consumers and we hold the same guarantee. Love it or your Money Back!!

Beast Trampolines also look great in the yard with their sleek design and color. Friends and neighbors will definitely point it out. All the features and specifications can be found below. 


  • 15 ft Round, Strong Frame fully galvanized inside and out (NO WEIGHT LIMIT)
  • Strong Beast T-Sockets for easy assembly of frame and enclosure poles
  • 110 Beast Galvanized Extra thick 7.5 Inch springs (Black Piano Wire)
  • Extra thick and strong safety pad (modern blue color) with easy assembly bungee cords (pre-assembled)
  • Extra strong Beast Premium Enclosure with Safe Overlapping door (No zipper to break, No zipper to forget open)
  • Strong top rim with easy assembly and large design caps (no screws)
  • Extra wide hem for best yard look
  • Free Beast Ladder in the package
  • Exceeds all ASTM safety requirements



  • 48 x 2 mm 
  • 15 ft. diameter
  • Black Powder Coated Fully Galvanized Inside and Out
  • 5 Extra Strong Legs with T-Sockets (no welds will break)
  • Beast T-Sockets for Easy Assembly of Frame and Enclosure Poles and Stronger Engineering


  • 110  Beast 7.5 Inch Black Piano Wire Springs


  • Super quality Jumping Mat with large Beast Logo in the middle (made in the USA)

Beast Premium Enclosure

  • Top quality Safety Net with the Beast Safe entrance door. (No zipper to break, no zipper to forget open)
  • Extra large hem for nice design
  • Beast design logo on top of Enclosure
  • Extra thick enclosure poles with thick foam and tough sleeves
  • Extra strong top rim with large top caps ( Won't break )

Beast Ladder (Free)

  • Beast Trampolines come with a 2-step ladder in the package, makes it really nice for entering and exiting the Trampoline.

Safety Pad

  • Extra thick vinyl (Won't rip)
  • Beast modern blue color
  • Extra Long Over Hang
  • Easy assembly bungee cords underneath

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Craig Snyder
Good quality, lacking in clear instructions

Definitely takes a few ppl to put together initially, after that easy.

Felipe L.

Super nice quality!
Kids can jump no problem on this one, adults 220p, same no problem jumping.
Only problem was the safety foam for post is to tight for it, impossible to get it on, got bigger one from homedepot for $10 total.
Great trampoline, I’ll buy again when need it!


Awesome well built 👏

Sturdy so far

We had some hiccups getting the trampoline and then had a couple parts missing in shipment. We actually have one of the poles that goes through the top of the netting that the metal came off the end and so it is making the top of the netting weird in that one spot (didn't know when we contacted about missing parts) but I didn't want to bother them *again* with a problem and it's holding up anyway.

My kids love jumping on the trampoline and it has been great to have so far. We've had it for about a month. It was fairly easy to set up... Do make sure you tie your netting string really well... Mine came undone in one section after I didn't knot it correctly. It was an easy fix.
My 8 yo spends hours on the trampoline!! We have 4 kids and this will be just perfect for them to enjoy all summer long!

I'm giving a 5 star bc this seems to be a start up company and I think their product really is good. We had those few problems, but I think as they get going more, people won't experience that and also the trampoline really is great.

Jamal Monroe
So far so good

Very nice looking trapoline .I had 1 triangle trampoline attachment get bent while trying to pull it to the spring .Overall seems strong and Like I said very nice looking trampoline.

Mickey Sandusky
New product

Seems to be in good order and nicely made. Will learn more as we use it. Thank you.

amy bradley
Awesome Trampoline!

I have two boys, 13 and 8 years old. We needed a sturdy trampoline to replace our old one that they had outgrown. It has been awesome!! The boys love jumping and it is such a rock steady piece I feel very comfortable with them bouncing and jumping. Such a great way to get out all their energy!!

Rich Stever

Beast 15 ft Trampoline (BLUE) with Premium Enclosure | NO WEIGHT LIMIT | FREE Ladder

Bryce Lokey
Well designed, sturdy trampoline

Love the design. They cover all the details. Covers and padded net supports will be very durable and not leave the foam peeling and looking ratty. The spring pad is superior to others I have seen and improves safety. Like the zipper less door but it can be tricky to get in and out. 15 ft is roomy! My 10 year old yelled, “I love it! It’s so fancy!” As a parent I’d say, “ well built, attractive, and built with safety in mind.”

Took about 2 hours to complete assembly.

Michelle Solberg
Great Trampoline!

This trampoline is awesome! My kids and their friends love it, and they've been on a lot of different ones. They said it's nice and bouncy. Also, it's really solid and sturdy. It was fairly easy to put together, and took a few hours with mostly one person doing it. So happy with it!